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High Scores by 4GMAT Students 4GMAT's students have consistently secured high scores in the GMAT. Click on the link to view a partial list of 4GMAT's achievers.
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Information about the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT). Link to official GMAT Site, how to register, fees, scores, scheduling a test and more.
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Course content and structure developed by top B School graduates. Math books of 4GMAT are comprehensive. Plus email based support.
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4GMAT.COM - GMAT Class, Math Books, eBooks, Practice Tests

GMAT Preparation, Practice Tests, Math Books, Classes 4GMAT.com offers study material for GMAT Math Preparation (Math Lesson Books and workbooks), GMAT Math eBooks, comprehensive classroom training and online practice tests for GMAT Math. 4GMAT is a venture promoted by Ascent Education. The different courses offered by 4GMAT have been designed and prepared by B School Graduates from the IIMs who have successfully been through the process. A critical part of the business school admissions process is your GMAT score. 4GMAT.COM aims to provide you with the best possible assistance including classroom training, math books, online discussion forums, blogs, free sample questions and email newsletters to help you improve your GMAT scores.
4GMAT - GMAT Preparation, GMAT Classes, Math eBooks, Online Tutoring

Classes for New Format GMAT @ Chennai, Mumbai & Bengaluru, India

GMAT Classroom prep course The next batch @ Chennai starts on Apr 19, 2014 (Weekends)
4GMAT's GMAT Preparation classroom course is designed to give you the extra edge to crack the GMAT Test. We have learning centers at Adyar, Anna Nagar, Nungambakkam and Velachery, in Chennai.

A 'Sunday-only' batch starts on Apr 19, 2014 and has its classes scheduled at our Nungambakkam center. Duration of this batch is 3 months.

Weekend evening batches, one each at Anna Nagar and Velachery start on April 19, 2014. Duration of these batches is 3 months.
GMAT CLasses, India

The next GMAT batch @ Bangalore starts on Apr 19, 2014 (Weekend Batch)
4GMAT offers weekend and weekday classroom training program at our learning centers at Jayanagar and Koramangala in Bengaluru. Comprehensive course material and practice tests are provided to participants.

A weekend batch starts on April 19, 2014 at Jayanagar. The duration of this batch is 13 weekends.

Another weekend batch starts on April 26, 2014 at Koramangala. The duration of this batch is 13 weekends.
GMAT CLasses, India

The next GMAT batch @ Mumbai starts on Apr 19, 2014 (Weekend Batch)
4GMAT's GMAT classroom training program is available at our learning center at Borivili, Dadar, Ghatkopar and Vashi in Mumbai.

Two weekend morning batches, one each at Ghatkopar and Vashi start on Apr 26, 2014. Duration of these batches is 3 months.

A weekend morning batch starts on Apr 26, 2014 and has its classes scheduled at our Borivali Center. Duration of this batch is 3 months.
GMAT CLasses, India

GMAT - Math Lesson Book

GMAT Math course material, tests, shortcutsComprehensive course material to assist you with your GMAT Math Preparation. A conscious effort to address questions of higher levels of difficulty has gone into preparing these books to address needs of those who score at the higher percentile. The Math Study Material covers 22 topics from Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Sufficiency and includes topic wise multiple choice tests. Shortcuts are provided. Rs.1650 within India and US$ 89 outside India.
GMAT Math Books
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