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   Force Behind 4GMAT - GMAT Prep Classroom courses, Practice Tests
4GMAT's board of advisors The motivating and guiding force behind 4GMAT is a group of accomplished Management graduates, trainers, and educationists. Here is a partial list of individuals who proactively contribute to 4GMAT by taking up academic initiatives, providing strategic directions, helping foresee trends and setting high standards.

1. K S Baskar

Baskar holds a PGDM degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM Calcutta), India’s premier business school. He is a serial entrepreneur (read unemployed). His latest avatar is in the education sector (decided to do unto the world what his professors did unto him). 4GMAT was promoted in 2001 by Baskar.

2. Rajesh Balasubramanian

Rajesh holds a PGDM degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM Bangalore), India’s premier business school. He has extensive experience in the Indian and Global equities markets. His passion is to teach Math. He loves to crack tough math questions. If there is one thing that he loves more than cracking tough math problems, it is setting one.

3. Shreyas Ramakrishnan

Shreyas has a Masters in Communication Engineering from the Bristol University, UK. Scored 740 in the GMAT. Considered a data sufficiency guru. Loves setting DS questions. Although we suspect it's because he can do so without knowing the answer.

4. Naveenan Ramachandran (Mumbai)

Naveenan holds a PGDM degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad), India’s premier business school. Worked with the IT sector pre-IIM and then with the bank that never sleeps. Naveenan's middle name is "attention to detail".

5. Vimal Gopinath (Bangalore)

Vimal holds a PGDM degree from XIM Bhubaneswar (XIM B), India’s premier business school and an engineering degree from College of Engineering, Guindy. Worked with Tata Motors and Infosys. Works on weekends. Spends the rest of the week reading anything from Enid Blyton to Fritjof Capra.

6. Subashri Chandramouli

Subashri has been teaching the verbal section of the GMAT since the days GMAT was a paper based test. (Could pre-date some of you!).

7. Swetha Rajagopal

Swetha is (was) a tennis player, a swimming coach and has been teaching Verbal for the last half a decade. This apart from running our company, managing the website and scheduling classes (if some of you did not get a teacher for a class, then you know whom to blame). She topped the state MBA entrance exam.

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