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GMAT Math eBooks Easy to download Math eBooks on select high scoring topics. Number Theory, Inequalities, Permutation, Probability, Geometry. $6.99 each
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GMAT Math books, tests Lesson Books for GMAT Math. Set of 5 books. Formulae, examples, exercises, shortcuts, tests. Rs.1650 within India. US $89 outside India.
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4. Permutation Combination & Probability Practice Test eBook in new format

GMAT Permutation Combination Practice Test This ebook comprises 95 multiple choice questions, which tests concepts in Permutation combination (counting methods) and Probability. Each question is provided with the correct answer; detailed explanatory answers are provided at the end of the test. This ebook will help you gain adequate practice in Permutation Combination and Probability so that you are well equipped to ace questions from these hard math topics in the GMAT Test.

The questions test the following concepts in these two topics.
  1. Questions on sampling with and without replacements and sampling with and without ordering (arrangement)
  2. Concepts, challenging questions on
      - "tossing of coins"
      - "rolling of dice"
      - "picking cards from a pack of cards"
      - "circular permutation"
      - "arranging people in a line"
      - "word arrangements"
      - "musical albums" and
      - "Chess board" type questions.
  3. Basic probability
  4. Questions on computing probability of independent events, mutually exclusive events and probability of complimentary events.
  5. Probability questions in tossing of coins, rolling of dice, picking cards from a pack of cards, and balls of different colors from a bag.

The practice test is made available as an ebook and is priced at US$ 6.99.
What do you do next?
  1. You will need a DNL Reader to read the book. You could download the reader by clicking on the link Download DNL Reader

  2. Install the downloaded DNL Reader.

  3. You can then download a sample test by clicking on the sample test button.

  4. The sample test comprises 5 questions with answers and detailed explanations. This is a preview to this eBook.

  5. After reviewing the sample test, click the Buy Now button. You will be able to download the full test eBook in a .dnl file format.

  6. You'll be able to browse the first 10 pages of this eBook, which have the instructions and FAQ about the eBook. After 10 pages, you'll be prompted with instructions to complete the registration and payment using an integrated secured payment gateway.

  7. After the payment process is completed, the eBook will get unlocked automatically and you will be able to access the contents of the entire eBook.

  8. An email with your payment details and the code used to unlock the eBook will be sent to the mail id that you provided at the time of sign up. Please save this email and if needed take a print out and keep it for future reference; you will need it should there be a necessity to reinstall the eBook.

  9. Please note that YOU CAN USE THE eBOOK ONLY ON THE COMPUTER IN WHICH YOU ACTIVATED THE eBOOK. i.e., on the computer in which you made the payment for the eBook.

  10. The Payment gateway and the Digital Rights Management service is provided and managed by DNAML Pty Ltd, Australia and this charge is likely to appear in your credit card statement as "4GMAT TOPGRE CRACKSAT".

USD 6.99Sample TestBuy NoweBook FaqDownload DNL Reader

If you require additional information, please send an email to info@4gmat.com

Other Topicwise Math eBooks for GMAT

1. eBook on Number Theory and Inequalities   eBook in new format

number theory ebookThis eBook covers all the topics in Number Theory related to GMAT. Concepts covered in this eBook include LCM, HCF, remainder theorem, units digits, remainders and factorials in number theory.

The book contains over 33 solved examples and about 20 illustrative examples. In addition, the eBook contains 25 exercise questions covering a wide variety of questions from the topic.

USD 6.99Buy NowDetails on Number Theory eBookeBook Faq Download DNL Reader

2. Number Theory Practice Set eBook (129 questions) @ USD 8.99 eBook in new format

number theory practice set ebookThis eBook has 80 Problem Solving questions and 49 Data Sufficiency questions in Number Properties and Number Theory. Concepts covered include LCM, HCF, remainders, remainder theorem in number theory, factors, and factorials. Numerous word problems that test your understanding of these concepts are included as part of the problem solving set.

Detailed explanatory answers have been provided to each question.

USD 8.99Buy NowDetails on Number Theory Practice Set eBookeBook FaqDownload DNL Reader

3. eBook on Permutation Combination & Probability eBook in new format

Permutation Probability ebookThis ebook with over 110 questions in about 100 pages covers all major concepts in Permutation combination (combinatorics) and Probability. Includes typical GMAT like problems such as "tossing of coins", "rolling of dice" and "selecting cards from a pack of cards"

These concepts are explained with 80 solved examples and illustrative examples. In addition, the eBook also includes 40+ exercise problems for you to practice.

USD 6.99Buy NowDetails on Permutation Probability eBookeBook FaqDownload DNL Reader

5. eBook on Geometry, Co-ordinate Geometry and Solid Geometry (Mensuration)

Geo, Cogeo, Solid Geo ebookThis eBook with over 200 pages covers basic to advanced concepts in Geometry including lines, triangles, polygons and circles. The chapter on co-ordinate geometry starts by introducing basic concepts such as finding distance between two points, testing for collinearity. The chapter on Solid Geometry includes different units of measurements, formulae to compute surface area, volume, and area of cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones, sphere and hemisphere.

The book contains over 50+ solved examples and illustrative examples, 60+ exercise questions from these three topics.

USD 6.99Buy NowDetails on Geometry eBookeBook Faq

6. eBook on Descriptive Statistics eBook in new format

Descriptive Statistics ebookThis ebook with about 110 questions in over 200 pages covers all major concepts in Descriptive Statistics (Mean, Median, Range, and Deviation). Includes typical GMAT type questions in both Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency formats.

These concepts are explained with 35 solved examples and illustrative examples. In addition, the eBook also includes 40+ exercise problems in problem solving and over 25 exercise questions in Data Sufficiency.

USD 7.99Buy NowDetails on Descriptive Statistics eBookeBook FaqDownload DNL Reader

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