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Success Stories   Shrinivas : How I Cracked GMAT?
Education: Commerce Graduate
Professional Experience: Ops, E-Serve, Chennai.
GMAT Score: 700
Admission: Smeal Business School

I was quite apprehensive about taking up GMAT. This was largely due to the fact that my accuracy rate in aptitude tests was bad, whereas my speed was quite considerable. Having prepared extensively for CAT, I was sure that the difficulty level of questions would not pose a problem, but accuracy mattered a lot.

Knowing nothing about Computer Based tests was also adding to the trouble. I was also advised that the number of preparatory materials available off-the-shelf donít make the mark at all. This was very true as I realized that the toughness of the questions in the books were nowhere near the actual GMAT ones. These were at best introductory sessions into what GMAT was all about, most of which were commonly available knowledge.

On a global scale, the Verbal section of the exam does not pose a problem for Indian candidates. The toughness is quite scaleable if one is careful about Reading comprehension and Reasoning. Math is where the catch lay. I realized that the overall score could be raised effectively if one were to maximize in math. This is where the math materials from 4GMAT came in handy. Being scales ahead in toughness from the material generally available in the market, it gave a comfortable edge over others in scoring.

Once I had done with my practice on the materials, I was confident that the questions per se would not pose a problem. What mattered now was the approach. I decided to give each question a fair chance and try as best as possible not to take guesses. I tried to arrive at the correct answer by carefully eliminating the options. Again, the materials came in very handy as I found that the tougher questions were quite solvable given the practice done earlier. This makes the difference between a 500 and a 700.

I landed up with a score of 700, perhaps possible because I did a decent job of rationalizing my preparation.

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