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You are here: Home How I Cracked GMAT Venkat Ganapathy
Success Stories   Venkat Ganapathy : How I Cracked GMAT?
Education: Engineering Graduate (REC, India)
Professional Experience: 13 years in IT software and consultancy
GMAT Score: 620
Admission Offers: Krannert School of Management at Purdue University, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at University of Rochester and Thunderbird.

B.E (Mech) from an REC, 13 years work experience in a premier IT Software services and consulting company. Currently holding admits in 4 top B School programs.

After reading the profile above, if you thought "Why MBA, Why now?" - Hey! I know you actually said "How crazy?"

After over 14 years away from books it can be daunting to read Probability, permutation combinations, dangling modifiers, appositives and dreaded RC's. What the heck - earned well even without knowing all these.

Well, I took stock of where I was and what I want to be over the years. My goals were ambitious and clearly the missing link was an MBA degree from a reputed institute in the USA - this was my inner urge. The aesthetic value add is that I could gain more perspectives from a diversified student body, the network I can develop and the branding I can gain for myself with the MBA tag. This sounds great, but what to do now to getting there - however you look at it, can't escape the GMAT.

I want to be sure I reach my 'now determined thought' to getting a MBA. A classroom session was a near must to recap what I had conveniently forgotten through the years. I told myself that I will evaluate the number of MBA prep class institutes in the market before putting my bets on one of them. I asked this question to any institute "what differentiates you from X or Y or Z"? I got the right answer only from 4gmat - their very approach to understand my background and goals and what I can expect out of their offering.

With my sleeves up, I prepared fairly seriously and in a structured fashion. I was literally thinking and breathing GMAT through the 4 months I was into it. I expected as much seriousness and professionalism from the faculty and institute. I was more than happy what I got out of 4GMAT. It surely made a difference with IIM alumni teaching in the class - rather than a Math school teacher. Also the 4GMAT Math books were exemplary - I did not go beyond that material for Math.

My GMAT score along with strong application/essays did the trick. It was a welcoming surprise that my admit letters included merit scholarships.

My 2 cents is that age is no bar to pursue education. The education expense is also 'no bad debt'. Go for it if you have thought through Why MBA, Why now? Believe me, you are not crazy! All the very best.

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